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Queens visit July 2003

Queens visit July 2003 Queen`s Visit

Queen`s Visit
The Queen and Prince Philip being driven through Pittencrieff Park


The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh came to Dunfermline today, the 01st. of July 2003, to visit Dunfermline Abbey and Andrew Carnegie`s Pittencrieff park. The Dunfermline Abbey visit was to be the first event of the day, the Queen would attend, to mark the 400th. anniversary of the union of the crowns. A re-enactment of the historic event was performed by Crossford primary school children, inside the Abbey Nave, dressed in period costumes. The role the children performed, for Her Majesty the Queen, depicted the scene in 1603 when the then James the VI of Scotland left Dunfermline to claim his English throne. Afterwards, the Queen was introduced to officials, including those from Crossford Primary school, Dunfermline Heritage Trust, Dunfemline Abbey church and Historic Scotland.


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